Biblical Prescriptions for Life

I recently visited my cardiologist for a routine checkup. I had only seen him once before (on my original visit) and since then had seen his assistant, so I was pleasantly surprised by what happened on the visit.

My heart was fine . . . and we spent the time talking about Jesus! He told me about the YouTube videos he has been doing and the tremendous response. The video below is his introduction. And click here to see the many videos he has done . . . including about COVID.

Here are just a few topics available:

  • Fake News, COVID Vaccines, & Bible Truth
  • Covid Reinfection Study Gives Hope
  • Statin Alternatives for High Cholesterol
  • Should Christians take the COVID Vaccine?
  • Why Christians shouldn’t fear COVID-10
  • Christianity and the COVID Vaccine//Immune Function

A great site for you . . . and a wonderful site to share with unbelieving friends. Check it out at Biblical Prescriptions for Life!

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