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I recently received an email from Tim Wildmon, President of American Family Association, with this exciting message:

In a lot of churches today, the topic of gender and sexuality is like the big elephant in the room. So many families are privately struggling with issues of transgenderism, same-sex attraction, and sexual brokenness. Many pastors and small group leaders desire to reach out with compassion and truth to those who are struggling, but they don’t even know where to begin.

In His Image: Delighting in God’s Plan for Gender and Sexuality is a fantastic resource for churches, Sunday school classes, and small groups. This feature-length documentary from American Family Studios is now available for church screenings at no cost to you.

Churches all over the country are holding events to bring the powerful, transformative message of the film to their communities, and according to the film’s director Kendra White, they are having a huge impact:

“This is just the beginning! We’ve heard so many powerful stories of men and women being radically set free from all kinds of bondage after hearing the powerful testimonies in this film. Churches have gotten really creative in how they’ve used this resource. We’ve had some folks host community movie nights; others have taken the film into prison ministries, and still others have planned entire conferences around the film.

Several churches have even invited some of the ministry leaders highlighted in the film to participate in panel discussions and Q&A sessions at their event. These leaders are eager to partner with churches to provide further help, healing, and instruction for those who are willing to stand on the truth and authority of God’s Word.

To learn more about hosting an event, visit

I went to the website and watched the movie. In my opinion, it is scriptural and done with great compassion and wisdom. I can see it touching the hearts of people going through identity struggles and their loved ones and truly making a difference in their lives as they receive the love and comfort of Jesus. I can see people coming to Jesus and receiving forgiveness and healing.

Additionally, it can help individual believers as well as churches and other ministries better understand our responsibility in this area and how to begin making a difference.

Please check it out. If you agree, I hope you will encourage your church to use it as a resource.

One thought on “Free Resource for Your Church

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