Prayer Points for Israel

For many, many years Michael and Gina Utterback have been my dear friends. Many of you reading this may know them. They have a mighty heart for Israel and have served God in countless ways through the years by ministering to His chosen people, His chosen land. Please take time to visit their ministry website: Ministry to Israel.

Below is their monthly prayer email. As you are no doubt aware, as Michael says, there is currently “raging conflict in Israel.” He offers some insight and prayer points. (If you’d like to receive this monthly prayer email, just let them know at

Ministry to Israel Prayer Network May 2021               

“I have set watchmen on your walls, O Jerusalem;

They shall never hold their peace day or night.”   Isaiah 62:6

Dear Prayer Team,

I am sure you are very aware of the raging conflict in Israel. As I write this, rockets are raining down on Israeli cities. Israelis, especially around Gaza, are under orders to stay in their bomb shelters. The IDF is bombarding the extensive tunnel systems under Gaza, called “the Metro.” This is where weapons, missiles, and mortars are manufactured and where terrorists hide. It is important to let you know that Israel always warns people in Gaza that they will bomb a certain area a few hours ahead in order for civilians to leave the area. Of course, Hamas terrorists are the first to leave. Sadly, the western media never reports this humane approach. On the other hand, the terrorists do their best to inflict casualties on the civilian population, especially hoping to kill children or people in hospitals. One more layer of conflict Israel is facing is the uprising of Muslim Arabs living in Israeli cities and villages. These are full-on citizens with every benefit Jewish Israelis receive. Yet, these cities across Israel are now suffering violence, car burnings, lynchings, and rioting in the streets. Israel needs prayer!

Please pray for:

  • The safety of Israeli citizens, Jews, and innocent Arabs caught under this umbrella of violence.
  • The Israeli Army to decimate the surplus of weapons in both Gaza and in the cities of Israel that can be used against the citizens of Israel.
  • Nations to allow and not condemn Israel for defending itself against the onslaught of terror being unleashed against it.
  • Life to return to normal as soon as possible for Israelis who are suffering. Many are hourly workers. Their income has stopped, but their obligations such as mortgages, utilities, loans, etc., continue.
  • The Lord to intervene against those who would destroy His nation and His chosen people.

Thank you, and may the Lord hear your prayers!


Michael Utterback, Director •

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