How the Church and You Can Help Older Adults Thrive in Everyday Life

by Guest blogger: Cherie McLaughlin of Couched Based Biz

It’s no secret that churches play a vital role in the senior caregiving village. If they’re to continue to do so, they must consistently seek to broaden and deepen their knowledge of what older adults in our communities need. If you feel called as a church member to participate more in the caregiving village, consider these resources on how you can do just that.

Aging in Place

Volunteers can help older adults stay in place and be independent as possible by assisting and providing resources.

  • Know the 6 most common injuries among seniors and how as a caregiver you can help prevent them.
  • Assist seniors with distinguishing between light housework they can do and how to create systems so seniors can easily complete routine tasks.
  • Help seniors to compare and hire “window repair near me” by using a service like Angi to hire window contractors to complete repairs to cut down on drafts and save on utilities.
  • Help seniors keep gardening as a hobby by helping them adopt ways to make gardening easier.

Eating Well

It’s important for seniors to eat well. With these resources, you can make sure that seniors in your care stay healthy with a balanced diet.

  • Understand why it is important for older adults to receive good nutrition and how you can support seniors receiving well-balanced meals.
  • Assist seniors in making easy meals they can later make on their own.
  • Programs such as Chef for Seniors match older adults with cooks who appear in the home once a week or twice a month and prepare specialized menus to keep seniors eating well at prices similar to take out.


Often exercising lessens as older adults increasingly suffer from injuries or pain. Exercise modification will keep older adults moving and healthy.

  • For people over 60, older adults greatly benefit from exercise: Here are five reasons why exercise is essential for older adults.
  • Elderly people need help getting started with exercise, and practices can be developed with your assistance in keeping seniors moving.
  • Learn the 9 best types of exercise for older adults, so you can assist them in developing a fitness routine.


Isolation can occur among adults as they age. Here are resources to help provide a vital community for seniors.

  • Socialization and engagement among older people are important in increasing happiness, overall health, and a sense of well being.
  • Technology can help seniors connect more than ever and not feel lonely. You can help seniors with technology that can be frustrating at first to set up.

If you’re interested in helping seniors in your community through your church, remember to research how you can help them age in place, follow a nutritious diet, exercise consistently, and enjoy the benefits of community. Not only will your efforts improve the lives of the seniors in your care, but it will likely fill you with a sense of purpose and fulfillment.

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