Are You Thinking about Writing a Book?

by Guest Blogger Constance Wyler

Have you ever thought of writing a book, a short story, a magazine article, or a novel? As a busy young woman who had her own business, I had never considered it, but over three decades have passed, and I am now in my mid-sixties. I have not only written my manuscript five times but also republished it recently. Untaken: 12 Hours Following the Rapture is about the imminent event of Jesus Christ coming in the air to call His believers up to heaven. To say writing my novel was a “God thing” is an understatement, as now I believe my current story hones in on what really could happen at any minute.

Having accepted the Lord as my Savior at age six, I didn’t walk the walk or talk the talk until I was almost twenty years old. I did well in school, graduated with high honors from a state university, married a wonderful Christian man, raised two sons, and now have grandchildren. But I always had a yearning, a dream, that I wanted the Rapture to happen while I was alive—like right now! Well, the way the world is going currently, I could be right. 

If you are a writer, you may know the challenges of being rejected for your writing. On my first draft in the 1990s, a Christian publisher considered my story but asked me to change the ending. After a year of alterations, it was rejected as being too similar to other well-known books in the genre. Yet, I still had this craving inside me, asking myself constantly, “What if the Rapture happened this second?” everywhere I went. More rewrites, more title changes, and finally I put it out there as a self-published e-book. It did fair, but then COVID hit, and everything changed. Thus, my book had to be revamped to be up to date. Another rewrite, another upload.

And now, I know God has allowed me to take a step back and see how the scenario written pans out. Will we be the generation that is called up into glory with Christ or not? Granted, no one knows the day or hour of His coming (Matthew 24:36-37), but we are to be looking ardently for His return (Titus 2:13).

If you are considering becoming a writer, I encourage you to listen to the Holy Spirit and pray about the possibility. And if you get your manuscript done, don’t fret about those rejection letters but consider self-publishing as it is easier than you may think. Also, make sure your story has been professionally edited so it is the best version possible.,

Last, my novel is my ministry of telling others about the Lord. Since the e-book is free everywhere online and provides the eternal plan of salvation, it can be given to believers and unbelievers. Please consider passing the book or link on today, before it is too late!


What would you do? Your husband is missing. You don’t want to be pregnant. You witness a horrific airplane accident, and you learn all babies and young children have disappeared. Twenty-eight-year-old Sarah Colton may think she is in control, but she’s far from the truth, not realizing the Pre-Tribulation Rapture has occurred. Enter the writer’s mind as she deals with this imminent, amazing event. * Updated 2023 version of Untakenable published in 2017.


“Although a fictional account, Constance O Wyler’s novel, Untakenrepresents spectacular prophetic truth on the verge of any moment fulfillment.” ~ Terry James, international Bible prophecy book author

Untaken creatively drives the reader to imagine how the rapture could affect the world and individual people in ways not often considered. A gripping and thought-provoking read!” ~ Matt Costella, Grace Bible Church, Fresno, CA

“An irresistible story that true believers will thoroughly enjoy, and that unbelievers should read before it’s too late.” ~ Kitty Foth-Regner, author of Heaven Without Her and The Song of Sadie Sparrow


Born and raised in Southern California, Constance Wyler lives in the Pacific Northwest. She became a Christian at an early age. Having owned a business for over thirty years, she is retired and enjoys spending time with her family and traveling.
Paperback $9.99 most places

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