The Scoop on StarLight

Hello, everyone! I’m Stella. And I am tickled to tell you about my new magazine StarLight. Here’s the scoop from my good buddy, Miss Jean.

In January of 2022 God gave me, Jean Hall, the assignment to create an online Christian magazine for children ages 5 to 10 years. I was taken aback. I never had any idea of doing this. But God confirmed His message to me, and my dear friend Helen and I are busy creating StarLight Magazine: Shining God’s Truth through Children’s Literature. We are currently publishing online quarterly. The magazine is totally FREE to subscribers.

Our second issue for March 2023 went live March 7.

Our website is

Contact us at

For more than twenty years, writing picture books consumed me. I studied, practiced, critiqued, submitted, revised, and prayed over picture books. But, it finally became clear to me that God’s plans for me never included “success” in the picture book market. I felt as though I had wasted twenty years of my life. I love to write! And I have an earnest desire to reach this young generation for Christ. So, in 2021, I faced the fact of this “failure” and sought God’s plans for my writing.

Now I see that those twenty years of learning about the children’s publishing industry were not wasted at all. They were my forty days in the wilderness. They were God’s preparation for this task of providing God’s truth for this generation of children.

I spent January and February of 2022 researching, thinking of features, and choosing a name and a mission statement. The next few months I searched for software to make this magazine as professional looking and fun as I could. All the while I was soaking each decision in prayer. I was also learning that I have a lot to learn. Thank goodness God sent me Helen Weigt. She is an amazing designer. All the color and cuteness in StarLight comes straight from Helen.

Our StarLight purpose is to shine God’s truth in fun, interesting, interactive, and encouraging ways through the medium of children’s literature. We publish quarterly issues online. We offer fun, faith, fiction and facts in every issue. Parents can subscribe on our website at It’s free!

Each StarLight Issue Includes

· Fiction for ages 5-7

· Fiction for ages 8-10

· A devotion including Scripture verse and prayer

· Retelling of a Bible story

· A coloring page for the retelling of the story

· Short poems

· A biography of a notable Christian. This feature is currently written by Annette Marie Griffin.

· A simple craft for ages 5 – 7.

· Short Bible verse puzzles

· Short Bible quizzes on specific events, people or stories

· Bible trivia

· Creature Feature – interesting facts about an animal

· Stella’s (our sparkling mascot) special bonus of fun activity pages.

· PLUS – the first week of each month between quarterly publications Stella sends you access to even more activity pages.

You Can Help StarLight by

· Subscribing for your kids and grandkids, students, clubbers, friends.

· Emailing us with suggestions for improving what we do.

· Sharing our information and web address with other parents, Christian schools, homeschool families or organizations.

· Writing for us. Guidelines are on our website.

· Volunteering. At this time, we are praying for someone to manage our newsletter and subscribers.

· Praying for us.

Thanks, gang.


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