Keep Praying for Israel

Received this important update from Hal Lindsey yesterday: By Hal Lindsey As of this writing, the violence in Israel continues to rage. Hamas has rained thousands of missiles on Israel. They don’t just fire those missiles at military targets, but at civilian population centers. Their indiscriminate missile barrage is not a tactic of modern war, […]

Prayer Points for Israel

For many, many years Michael and Gina Utterback have been my dear friends. Many of you reading this may know them. They have a mighty heart for Israel and have served God in countless ways through the years by ministering to His chosen people, His chosen land. Please take time to visit their ministry website: […]

Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem

I just received this newsletter from Hal Lindsey. He concludes with a powerful statement: “God wants you to be a part of His great plan for the ages. Praying for Jerusalem brings you into His inner circle.” From Hal Lindsey: Reports from Israel this week reminded me of a place in scripture where God Himself […]

10 Ways Children Can Be Helpful in the Ministry

Submitted by the team at Heroes Bible Trivia How are your children in church? Do they participate in the services? Or are they a burden most of the time?  For instance, they can’t stand the long sermons. They wish to go home and play their Bible games instead. Hence, they find church boring. How does […]

Free Resource for Your Church

I recently received an email from Tim Wildmon, President of American Family Association, with this exciting message: In a lot of churches today, the topic of gender and sexuality is like the big elephant in the room. So many families are privately struggling with issues of transgenderism, same-sex attraction, and sexual brokenness. Many pastors and […]

Biblical Prescriptions for Life

I recently visited my cardiologist for a routine checkup. I had only seen him once before (on my original visit) and since then had seen his assistant, so I was pleasantly surprised by what happened on the visit. My heart was fine . . . and we spent the time talking about Jesus! He told […]

Divided Times

In my opinion, Hal Lindsey is one of the great Bible scholars of our times. I respect and appreciate his insights into Christian prophecy and how it is being fulfilled today. The article below is taken from his recent newsletter. I encourage you to visit his website and consider subscribing to these updates (scroll to […]

Let’s Get Started!

As I have shared in my site description (right column), this blog is an extension of my Christian directory, Find Christian Links. I hope you’ll take a few minutes to browse the directory to get an idea of what is available there. In this blog I will be sharing a variety of things found through […]

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